Cairns Occupational Therapy is seeking a "Talented UNDERSTUDY"

"Talented UNDERSTUDY" in our hand therapy and pain management caseloads (as we have been unable to clone our experienced OT / Hand Therapist, Kerry Stingel)

An UNDERSTUDY is a person who learns another's role in order to be able to act at short notice in their absence. Synonyms – reserve, substitute, alternate, apprentice, successor...

What we really want to do is train another OT so we can share this unique caseload day to day and so you can learn more than you ever thought you needed to know from working closely with our experienced therapist. We will work diligently with you to ensure you never feel that you have been "thrown in the deep end". We want our staff to feel skilled and confident, with just the right amount of challenge to thrive.

Our fantastic admin staff are able to keep your focus on clinical work. We have a supportive team of 6 OTs with diverse caseloads, that you may decide to share in, including:

Are you wondering if you have the experience for this role?

We understand that getting into hand therapy can be hard. For this role, experience is preferred but not essential. If you have a passion for hand therapy and pain management, we can help you build your professional future. Kerry, our Director is an experienced trainer and mentor, exceedingly good at building confidence and expertise in others.

You might

For our position you need to have

At Cairns OT we strive to

To apply for this position please email (Kerry Stingel, Director, Principal OT and AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist) with

Interviews and recruitment will occur as applications are received. We aim to fill this position as soon as the ideal applicant is found, so do not wait, apply now, even if you are interested for the future!

What is the hourly rate and benefits?

We work from the Health Professionals and Support Staff Award 2020. Your level of experience determines your level of pay. The big difference with us, is our attention to meeting your needs and our ability to be flexible, creative and responsive as your needs change.

Why is Cairns a great place to live?

I might we biased so I asked Google and came up with this helpful link (one of many).

What type of CPD is available?

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