Online Consultations

Online consultations are an alternative to face to face appointments and allow you to have access to your therapist at a dedicated time, from the comfort of your home or workplace.

What are online consultations?

Online consultations are a dedicated appointment between yourself and your therapist using an online platform over the internet.

Do they work?

will be sent a link via email prior to your session starting. When you click on this link, it will take you to where the video screen will be.

Do I need anything special?

You will need to be able to use either your computer, a laptop, a tablet device (such as an iPad) or a mobile phone. If you are using a computer or laptop you just click on the link emailed to you immediately before your session. If you are accessing your online consultation from a tablet or phone, you will need to download a free app so that the session is secure. You will also need stable access to the internet - either by Wifi or cellular data.

What do I get out of it?

There are some great benefits to having online consultations:

Ask questions and your therapist can answer straight away - no waiting for a call back

What should I expect?

Well, basically the same great service, and passion you would experience face to face! You'll be greeted with a friendly smile, and someone who is ready to listen, help you work towards your goals, and ensure your outcome isn't compromised, despite physically not being able to attend. Now, of course there will be some things we can't do exactly the same, but we have some strategies in place if that happens.

What if I need equipment or supplies?

Don't, worry! We've got you. We will drop off whatever you need to your letterbox or post it to you.

What if I have a question after my online consultation?

Just email your therapist, or our friendly admin team.

Are online consultations secure and private?

Yes absolutely. We take privacy very seriously. We only use platforms and programs that have the best protections, and also take other steps to ensure you feel comfortable, confident and most importantly, safe, during these sessions.

Give our admin team a call to book in 4042 6333.