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2008 in Brief

We have expanded into an adjacent suite and have gained a new treatment room, redesigned an existing one and added a fantastic staffroom / meeting room. We have certainly grown in the last 9 years—one suite is now four and one OT is now six!

Jane, Kylie and Kerry continued their professional development in soft tissue by completing a week long advanced post-grad subject with James Cook Uni in July. This has again increased our treatment options for patients with soft tissue injuries.

Kerry presented “Oedema Management in Hand Injuries” at the FNQ Rural Division of General Practice Conference in November.

We presented “The Role of Occupational Therapy in Aged Care” at the Aged Care Forum convened by GP Cairns’ Aged Care Panel.

Jane attended a Wrist Injury Symposium and the AHTA’s Level 1 and 2 Splinting workshops.

Kerry attended the Australian Hand Therapy Association Conference in Melbourne in October. The conference had a focus on the rehab of overuse injuries.

Chris, Andrée, Jane and Kerry participated in the two day “Management of Hand and UL Deformity in Neurological Dysfunction Workshop” presented by Judith Wilton which focussed on splinting and casting for clients with increased tone.

We started an AHTA Special Interest Group in Cairns, for therapists with an interest in rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Limb.

Kerry was invited to become a member of the Cairns Primary Health Care Network and was involved in GP Cairns’ Aged Care Panel. She continues to convene the Cairns Allied Health Private Practitioner’s Network and promote allied health teamwork at every opportunity.

We continued our involvement with James Cook University by supervising 3rd and 4th year Occupational Therapy students as well as providing in-services for student groups. Kerry continues with her voluntary position on the JCU Consultative Committee, representing OT AUSTRALIA and clinicians in North Queensland.

We have been working at expanding our expertise in several areas over the last few years. Our services now include:

We are pleased to have assisted a greater number of Enhanced Primary Care clients this year and look forward to continuing to provide EPC services and being able to use the new code for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

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Coming Attractions for 2008

We are excited to be welcoming a new OT, Karina Lewis in January. She is returning to Cairns with diverse experience in Hand Therapy and Adult Rehab from throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.

We will have five therapists (Jane, Kylie, Chris, Karina and Kerry) working with patients with hand injuries, soft tissue injuries, lymphoedema, burns and scar management. With this blend of therapists we are aiming to meet our patients’ and referrers’ needs in the most timely manner.

Several of our therapists will be continuing their post-grad studies into soft tissue injury management, splinting and hand therapy in 2008.

We look forward to exploring new treatment techniques, including use of our new Whole Body Vibration machine to help optimise function.

2007 in Brief

Conversion to Oasis Practice Management Software - This year we have converted to using Oasis software for patient appointments, notes and billing and following a period of adjustment our Therapists are benefiting greatly from the streamlining it provides.

Professional Development and Education Opportunities

:: February 2007 Kerry presented the ‘Hand Therapy Know How Training Workshop’ in February to a large group of OTs and PTs. The GP Cairns Conference in May was a great opportunity to present oedema management in hand injuries.

Kerry attended the International Hand Therapy and Hand Surgery Conference in Sydney. This was a truly international experience where she got to hear insightful presentations and the latest research as well as enjoying ferry trips and Luna Park’s rides with ‘Hand Therapy Gurus’ from all around the world.

Chris and Niki attended the Comcare Approved Rehabilitation Provider’s Training which has helped de-mystify the Comcare insurance model.

We have continued our active involvement with the local Occupational Therapy Regional Group and the Australian Hand Therapy Association. Kerry has continued her role as Education Portfolio Officer on the Management Committee of the AHTA and has taken part in the development of AHTA’s first Strategic Plan—a momentous task.

In 2007 we continued our involvement with James Cook University by supervising third and fourth year Occupational Therapy students as well as providing in-services for student groups. Kerry has accepted a voluntary position on the JCU Consultative Committee, representing OT AUSTRALIA and clinicians in North Queensland. She will be fostering closer links with the Uni and further influencing the profession as it develops.

Pain Management and Work Hardening Program

Chris was involved with establishing the two week multidisciplinary Pain Management and Work Hardening Program that is now being run through Cairns Private Hospital. It is hoped that this program will run several times a year and fill a gap in service provision within FNQ.

CBWC Business Woman of the Year Award

:: Kerry was one of the twelve finalists in the Business Owner category of the Cairns Business Women’s Club Business Woman of the Year Award. This opportunity provided us with a rare opportunity to review our business’ development, plan for the future and network with business people from around Far North Queensland.

Cairns Business Womens Club Award Cairns Business Womens Club Nominees Cairns Business Womens Club Awards Night

:: Kerry won the inaugural Louise Van Willigen Memorial Scholarship. The award was established by OT Australia Qld to provide financial resources to enable applicants to access continuing professional development activities that will promote leadership in the profession and positively influence the development of the profession for the future. The funding received will be utilised towards postgraduate courses in Soft Tissue Management.

:: February 2006 saw us expanding into another suite within Virginia House. This has allowed us to redefine the use of our treatment rooms and allocate much greater area to meeting the needs of our staff.