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Highlights of 2010

In 2010 we welcomed Hollie Swanton and Abigael Macaraeg to our OT staff and Carol and Caitlin to admin team. Hollie came to us with many years of case management and work rehab experience. Abigael has worked in case management roles in mental health. 2011 will see the introduction of another OT to our team to ensure that we are able to offer a timely service to our referrers and clients.

We have been using our low level laser with our patients with fibrosis and scar tissue impacting on their function, shoulder movement and lymphatic drainage, especially post mastectomy to great effect and have welcomed the expansion of this caseload. This early self management helps to reduce the risk of lymphoedema and manage issues quickly, minimising the risk of long term problems. Our aim is to start the process pre-op in the future by taking baseline measurements that will help us to detect signs of lymphatic drainage issues at a much earlier stage.

We have continued to provide intervention at "Young Lifestyle Care", helping the residents of the younger person’s high level care facility at Gordonvale to optimise their function. We have loved working closely with the team and look forward to continuing this work.

We are pleased to have assisted a greater number of Enhanced Primary Care (Medicare) patients this year. Keep the referrals coming with as much info as possible. Please encourage patients to call to discuss the fees if they have concerns—there is always a gap payment.