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Hand Therapy

What is Hand Therapy?

All of our therapists are active members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, continuously striving to achieve and maintain the association's requirements for full membership. Hand Therapy is a specialty area of Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy practice in which the therapist focusses on the rehabilitation of clients with conditions affecting the hands and upper limbs.

Our therapists are experienced in evaluating and identifying problems relating to the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders. The therapists use their expertise to accurately assess and provide effective treatment with the goal of hastening the clients return to productive lifestyle which in turn results in decreased medical costs, reduced time off work and minimises the impact on home and leisure activities.

Upon beginning therapy, an upper extremity assessment is performed. It may include measuring individual joint motion, hand strength, sensation and swelling. It may also include evaluation for customized splints or adaptive equipment. Information obtained from these evaluations are important in setting specific individualized clinical goals for your treatment or to assist your medical specialist in calculating a final evaluation.

Hand therapy Hand therapy Hand therapy

Frequency of therapy will be determined after your evaluation by the therapist, with due regard to your treating doctors' recommendations.

Cairns Occupational Therapy offer therapy programmes for diagnoses such as:

Hand Therapy - Dynamic tape Hand Therapy - Digiflex

Therapy may include one or more of the following:

Our aim is to rehabilitate the client so their condition no longer affects their function, or if that is not possible then teach compensatory strategies to overcome any limitations.

Splinting Splinting Splinting
Splinting Sensory re-education Splinting