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Work Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An assessment used to determine the work capacity of:

The evaluation is designed to assess an individual's ability to perform work related tasks including lifting, bending, reaching, grasping, walking, climbing, either specific to a job or in relation to a general set of job demands.

With this information a suitable duties program or alternative career plan may be devised.

Work Rehab - lifting Functional Assessment

Worksite/Ergonomic Assessments

Assessment of the work environment to determine options for suitable duties programs, ensure optimal safety and recommend modification of equipment or techniques if required.

Usually performed in conjunction with a Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Pre-employment Screening Assessments

Mini functional capacity evaluation to determine if the applicant is capable of performing the critical demands of a specific position prior to employment.

OHS Training

We can provide Occupational Health and Safety related trainings such as "Back Care and Injury Prevention" and "Office Injury Prevention".

Worksite assessment Grip strength assessment Occupational rehabilitation Spine

Suitable Duties Programs

Our therapists can help design a suitable duties programme for an injured worker following assessment of the worker's capacities and limitations and discussion with the employer. The Suitable duties programme is likely to specify the recommended duties, restrictions, hours and how the programme will be progressed over the specified time frame.

We frequently monitor SDPs, advising workers and employers of any changes and upgrades that would be of benefit.

Neurological assessment

Ergonomic Assessments and Education

Ideal for anyone who uses a computer e.g. clerical staff, reception staff, managers.

Onsite group or individual training covering:

Individual assessment of each workstation to ensure optimal set-up and equipment.


Worksite assessment

Back Care and Injury Prevention Training

Ideal for anyone who lifts/carries heavy/awkward objects e.g. luggage handlers, cabinetmakers, child carers, housekeeping staff, night fillers.

Onsite group or individual training covering:

Practical session to reinforce safe techniques and problem solve difficult situations.